Meet The Team

Laxmi Mitra

Project Manager

A Masters in Management Studies, over five years of work experience in the HR space and an entrepreneurial mindset have led to me being the Project Manager for the Q:HYR! team. Having successfully run my own tech & design startup for over three years, and experienced the chaotic life of a recruiter first hand, I believe that my skills are just the right plug in to ensure that this platform scales new heights. A hustler by nature, my heart lies in seeing a project to its completion. Planning, Design & Execution are only some of my strengths. I strive everyday to ensure that the effort of our team pays off and our users find our platform to be a value addition to the world of hiring!

Satish Soni

Technical Head

With over six years of experience in developing websites and applications, I now look to take up projects that are varied, challenging and even complex. To cast the net wider, I involve myself in managing online programming groups and blogs and attending conferences to stay up to date on new information within the web community. My average work week involves developing new websites, mobile applications, customer relationship management applications and content management systems. The Q:HYR! platform is a specialised product that has kept me engrossed over the last few months. My association with the team has grown from being the "product developer" to being an integral member of the Q:HYR! family. I am excited to get user feedback and keep rolling out better versions of this exciting platform!

Garvit Nagpal

Digital Interactive Designer

With a Production and industrial Engineering degree from IIT Roorkee, and a clear cut vision to break ground in the technology space, joining the Q:HYR! team was a no brainer for me. The idea to ease the recruitment process and facilitate efficiency in corporate hiring through an online platform is beyond intriguing to me. My work here involves turning ideas to reality by designing a digital experience that is seamless and simple for all our end users. An adrenaline junkie at heart, I love to travel and interact with people to get my creative juices flowing. I hope to create an enhanced user experience for everyone that interacts with our platform from here on.

Abhimanyu Dhanda

Machine Learning Engineer

An MTech from IIT Roorkie, I am wired to take up challenges that stimulate my mind and push me to be innovative. Big data analysis and machine learning are two areas of work that I find immensely exciting. The opportunity to develop new methodology and data analysis software was what drew me to join the Q:HYR! team. Confident of what I know well and curious to learn more, I am here to use my skills to create and constantly better a platform that promises to ease hiring processes!

Bhawna Devgan

Graphic Designer

With a solid backing of eight years of experience in the field of graphic art, design is my life! I work hard to design appealing, and functional interfaces which comply with the latest web standards. My focus is on designing pages, that, when put together, tell an even better story than was first envisioned. Being a part of the Q:HYR! family has led me on a journey beyond just creating designs in the studio. Understanding mindsets, behaviour patterns and fulfilling a pressing need to match talent to jobs has all become part of my prep for work!